Victory Generation

"Creating Fun, Developing Fundamentals, Instilling Faith for Generations to Come"

Mission Statement: To empower faith-based after-school programs to build and sustain their services to Boston’s low income communities.  Victory Generation provides spiritual nurturing, professional development, technical assistance and program support that ensure the provision of quality care and academic support to youth ages 5-14.

Program Overview
What is the Victory Generation Out-of-School Time Program?
The Victory Generation Out-of-School Time Program (VG), a program of the Black Ministerial Alliance of Greater Boston, is a network of faith-based after-school programs geographically dispersed throughout the city of Boston.  The goal of every after-school program in our network (“affiliated program”) is to provide quality, affordable services to low-income children ages 5-14 in the communities where they live.
VG serves as an intermediary to our affiliated programs by helping to build the capacity of their programmatic and organizational functions. We provide networking and financial support, professional development workshops and technical assistance to our affiliated programs as well as other churches interested in or currently providing after-school program services to youth.  The goal is to build strong staffs who serve as positive role models for their students. VG also provides workshops and training to help parents learn how to advocate for their children and how to build positive relationships with their children’s schools.
In order to strengthen the work of our faith-based after-school programs, VG staff:
  • Provide extensive technical assistance, professional development workshops & training.
  • Help create a network of community organizations committed to nurturing, educating, and advancing the social development of the communities’ children.
  • Builds a learning community by hosting Faith-Based Roundtable meetings the second Wednesday of every month to convene local faith-based after-school programs and dialogue around issues affecting programming, children, and families.
  • Mobilize church and community members to work with the students at VG program sites
Victory Generation Staff
Henry H. Paige, Interim Director of Education
(617) 445-2737 x. 115                    
The following is recited by parents at every Victory Generation OST family event:
A Parent's Pledge
I promise to.....
Listen to my children
Communicate with my children
Teach my children right from wrong and be a good role mode for them
Spend time with them and pay attention to my children
Educate my children in mind, body, and soul
Work to provide a stable family life for my children
Pray for and see God in my children and in all children
Vote for my children to ensure them fair opportunity
Speak out for my and other people's children's need.
Our VGASP Affiliate Sites
VG program affiliates provide after-school programming that advances academic enrichment, social skills development, and cultural and historical awareness.  Our goals are to increase each child’s self-esteem and expectations, help them build positive relationships with peers and adults, and support them in achieving academic success.  The programs we support also seek to identify problems that interfere with a child’s learning and then work to either solve them or make needed referrals. VG affiliates seek to serve all children and families who want to take part in their programs.  We encourage our affiliates to charge reasonable fees on a sliding scale and also provide advice and help on how to get scholarships. Click here for an Affiliate Site Listing
How do I become a Victory Generation Affiliate Site?
If you are interested in becoming an affiliate of Victory Generation we encourage you to get involved in the roundtable meetings and trainings that are offered monthly for faith-based after-school program staff. 
How can you become involved?
For more information or to be placed on the mailing list for Victory Generation events please email your contact information to Janine Spinola Taylor or write to us at:
Victory Generation Out-of-School Time Program
Black Ministerial Alliance
2010 Columbus Avenue
Roxbury, MA  02119
Phone: 617-445-2737 x. 115
Fax: 617-445-3557